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Values Based Investing

As an investor, you have the power to influence economic incentives. By joining other investors who share your values, you can shift corporate behavior to effect tangible and lasting positive change.
Values based investing can illuminate an often opaque and confusing fincancial industry. Our commitment to transparency will empower you to make decisions about what you do and do not want to support with your investments.
Financial Health
Investing in alignment with your values should not come at the expense of your financial goals. At WiseWay Advisors, our first priority is always the financial health of you and your family.


Do your investments align with your values?

Your values are as unique as you are. We help you identify and invest according to your values, not ours. Our clients have the option to invest according to a wide range of passions and beliefs – or not – it’s their choice.


Do you know how much risk is in your portfolio?

We build your portfolio around you, not a model of the shelf. That means we find out how much risk you are comfortable with taking and then design a strategy tailored to you. You can see if your portfolio aligns with your investment goals and expections.


We view investments through five different lenses to maintain a disciplined, data driven strategy

Different sectors of the market perform better during different times during the economic cycle. We do not try to predict what will happen because that is an impossible task. We simply let the market tell us what is happening by carefully examining the data.

We evaluate every asset looking to uncover the fundamental quality based on the data available. Each type of asset has different features that are critical to this analysis.

We evaluate companies based on their history and likelihood of doing well in the current and future economic conditions.
We evaluate bonds based on the quality of the underlying assets along with the duration given current interest rates.
We select funds based on the composition of their underlying assets and track record along with the tenure of the portfolio manager.
Risk is an inherent part of every investment. The more risk you take, the more return you should potentially be able to make. We evaluate each investment choice to ensure that an appropriate amount of risk yields an appropriate projected return.

Sometimes very good companies are very expensive to purchased based on their stock price. Other times, solid companies stock price may have declined because of some recent bad news. These events may or may not present opportunities to purchase. We allow what the market data says about companies to inform our decisions on investments.

Many people do not realize that their investments have fees because they do not see them on their statements. These ongoing fees are called expense ratios and can include management fees, operating expenses, commissions or sales charges, and distribution (12b-1) fees. All of these fees can add up! We target funds with fees lower than 0.25% and never use funds that have sales charges, commissions or distribution fees.

*Morningstar 2020 US Fund Fee Study